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You can look forward 안전놀이터검증 커뮤니티 to a bright, welcoming play area when you take your kids out to eat at one of the many popular restaurants that offer an adventure playground. But behind the playground’s bright colors are potential dangers and children could pay a high price if they aren’t careful.

The father of an 8-year-old boy and his younger sister went to a fast food restaurant for lunch four years ago. The boy hurried over to the playground equipment and promptly ascended the horizontal poles. But suddenly he slipped and fell off the structure.

He landed heavily on the tiled floor. The young man suffered a traumatic brain injury and will struggle for the rest of his life as a result. At age twelve, he’s as emotionally and mentally complex as a child twice his age.

The boy’s parents claim the fast food chain was aware of the dangers of the jungle gym due to previous accidents, but they never fixed it. According to the family, the playground was unsafe because it lacked “no climb” nets and adequate floor padding, both of which are essential for keeping children safe. They complained that the restaurant chain had done nothing to secure the poles that were being used by children as monkey bars.

Based on their interpretation of the “ostensible agency” law, the boy’s parents filed a lawsuit 실시간 안전놀이터검증 against the restaurant’s franchisee. This indicates that the parents had reason to believe that the food being served was safe due to the reputation of the franchiser and the restaurant chain.

Their attorney explained that most parents don’t know much about playground safety, so they rely on the franchise to ensure a safe environment for their children when they visit a fast food restaurant. The family was able to reach a $20 million settlement to avoid going to court. The child’s massive medical expenditures, round-the-clock care, and continuous rehabilitation programs will all be covered by the compensation. This mishap occurred on the same playground four years ago, and nothing has changed since then.

Because they contract with other parties to construct the playground 안전놀이터 – healthlinkny equipment, fast food restaurant chains argue that they bear no responsibility for the playgrounds’ safety. They also stress the importance of keeping a close check on children while they use playground machinery.

However, it is the responsibility of each restaurant chain to ensure the security of its playground. It has been suggested that the Consumer Product Safety Commission lacks the personnel necessary to enforce its rules and recommendations, despite the existence of such documents.

Don’t put your trust in other people to look after your children. It is the responsibility of the adults to keep an eye on the children, especially if the restaurant has posted notices stating that it would not be held liable for any harm. According to research conducted by the National Program for Playground Safety, 40% of playground injuries occur when no adult is present to monitor the area.

Make sure there is plenty of soft ground under and around the structure, and that the equipment is appropriate for the age group using it. The playground equipment should be placed close to the wall and the maximum number of children should not be permitted to play on it at once. Keep a close check on your children at all times while they are playing at a playground sponsored by a restaurant franchise.

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Building a playground 안전놀이터검증 리스트 for the neighborhood’s kids

There is a wide variety of playground equipment available to suit any need, whether it be a small backyard playground for your kids or a large commercial playground for your employees.


Playground designers should put a lot of thought into the hues they use. Bright colors and patterns are very appealing to kids. Colors like red, blue, and yellow are popular, but you can also go with a theme. Use a lot of greens and yellows to make your design look more like nature. Colors in the blue and green spectrum work nicely for an aquatic motif. Use a variety of colors within your chosen color scheme to keep playground-goers engaged.


Kids appreciate having options since they become bored easily. By providing a wide 메이저 안전놀이터검증 range of activities, you increase the likelihood that their interest will be maintained. The likes of swing sets, slides, and climbing structures may keep your children entertained for hours.


Keep in mind the average age of the children who will be using the playground. The fact that most families have children of similar ages simplifies product development. Because children of varying ages require diverse entertainment options, businesses must plan accordingly. When you place a larger slide next to a smaller one, you give children of varying ages something to do together while yet maintaining their interests.


Another major decision that requires careful 최상위 안전놀이터검증 consideration. There is a plethora of options, and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Surfaces like tile, rubber, and rubberized tiles are also options. The surface of your playground could be colored and/or textured in a variety of ways, depending on the route you choose.


The location of the playground is another factor to consider. It’s possible to have an intellectual experience anywhere, be it a room in a building or the top of a hill. Factors like climate and soil might make it challenging to design an effective outdoor play area. Other potential hazards include gas and phone lines, both overhead and underground.

In addition to providing entertainment for your children, a playground can attract additional customers and increase your revenue. Considering these guidelines when you initiate your planning will improve your chances of success.

Restoration or repair work can be possible for an aging playground that you desire to resurrect. Concrete is simple to repair 오래된 안전놀이터검증 and resurface; if you need help, just contact a professional.